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.RU - popular domain for sites in Russia

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Ціни на домени в зоні .RU

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3.69 $ 2.99 $/рік
 3.69 $/рік
 2.99 $

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34.99 $/рік

+31.30 $ (+848%)
33.75 $/рік

+30.76 $ (+1029%)
33.75 $/рік

+30.06 $ (+815%)
28.99 $/рік

+26.00 $ (+870%)
28.99 $/рік

+25.30 $ (+686%)
18.00 $/рік

+15.01 $ (+502%)
23.76 $/рік

+20.07 $ (+544%)
20.30 $/рік

+17.31 $ (+579%)
20.30 $/рік

+16.61 $ (+450%)
14.99 $/рік

+12.00 $ (+401%)
14.99 $/рік

+11.30 $ (+306%)
4.17 $/рік

+1.18 $ (+39%)
4.17 $/рік

+0.48 $ (+13%)
† Інформація про ціни може не містити спеціальних пропозицій та акцій, нові ціни можуть відрізнятися

1 домен
5 доменів
10 доменів
25 доменів
50 доменів
100 доменів
250 доменів
500 доменів
Довжина Доменного Імені
Довжина доменного імені в .RU зоні становить від 2 до 63 букв.
Термін Дії
Домен в зоні .RU можна купити на 1 рік.
Змiна контактiв

Порядок зміни власника:

  1. Змініть свої контакти за допомогою цього інтерфейсу і збережіть зміни.
  2. Надішліть в Regery ([email protected]):
    • Для фізичних осіб: скан-копія паспорта/ID власника домену; заповнена та  нотаріально завірена анкета на зміну власника .
    • Для юридичних осіб: з печаткою компанії і підписом уповноваженої особи відсканована копія свідоцтва про підприємницьку діяльність або виписки з торгової палати; заповнена форму заявки з печаткою компанії та підписом уповноваженої особи на бланцi компанії .
  3. Після перевірки буде потрібно відправити фізичні копії на один із зазначених у відповіді адрес.
  4. Як тільки документи будуть отримані, підтримка Regery змінить власника домену.

Зміна адреса власника, паспортних даних/ID, номера ПДВ:

  1. Змініть свої контакти за допомогою цього інтерфейсу і збережіть зміни.
  2. Надішліть в Regery ([email protected]):
    • Для приватних осіб: заповніть анкету; надішліть відскановану копію анкети і паспорти власника або посвідчення особи, що підтверджує дійсність нових даних.
    • Для юридичних осіб: заповніть анкету; надішліть відскановану копію анкети, яка підтверджує дійсність нових даних.

.RU domain name registration

At the moment, the number of domains in the .RU zone is more than five million names. Before proceeding directly to the subtleties and nuances of .RU domain name registration, we will conduct a small educational program.

Domain name-the original designation, which includes numeric, alphabetic and some other characters (for example, you can use a hyphen). In fact, this is the address of the site on the Internet space. Anyone can register it regardless of its status: an individual, a legal entity, an individual entrepreneur.

Domain .RU is one of the most popular not only in Russia, but also in the world: IT is in the top ten ranking of all national zones.

Subtleties and nuances

Domain zone .RU can be used not only by those persons who are directly in Russia, but also by those who have certain business relations with IT.

Before registering a name, it is recommended to check it for originality. This can be done with the help of a special service present in the functionality of our site.

The domain name is registered for a very specific period of one year; after 12 months, the registration — if necessary and relevant for the client-is extended.

Pay attention to the fact that the name should not only be original, but also meet the administrative requirements of the zone.

One of the advantages of .RU domain registration is that there is no need to go through any bureaucratic procedures: no “papers” are required. You only need to make an application and make payment online.

Why it is profitable to buy .RU domain in Regery

Avoiding excessive modesty, we illustrate the main advantages of our company in the form of a list:

  • Standards. We fully take into account all existing norms and standards and build on them.
  • Price policy. The cost will be a pleasant surprise for you. Although domain name registration .RU already does not require investments of space amounts, we strive to minimize the percentage of mark-up as much as possible in the current market realities. So you can really buy cheap domain .RU. You can make sure of the above by yourself, specifying the average prices.
  • Efficiency. The registration procedure takes a minimum of time: it is enough to fill in the appropriate “form” online.
  • Tenderness. We always advise clients on all issues of interest.

If you want to register a domain .RU, we will be glad to cooperate! If you have any questions, please call the phone number listed in the relevant section: we are open to dialogue and are always ready to clarify the subtleties of customers (both real and potential).

Regional Domain Area

RU is a regional domain extension (ccTLD). Regional domain areas are assigned to countries, states or regions. Often consist of two characters, for example .RU, .US, .EU, .BZ, .IN. There are also gccTLD domain zones. These include national domain zones (ccTLDs) and it is open to all (gTLDs). These zones include the Micronesian domain extension .FM, which is used for radio and music everywhere.

Discover the full potential of services from Regery for your site
Alerts & Instant Notifications

Regery services keeps monitoring of your .RU domain and cand send priority e-mails and SMS notifications.

Free Whois Contacts Protection

Protect Whois contact data for domain using free Privacy Guard service. According to registry policy this feature can be disabled for some domains.

Auto Renew

Clients do not need to worry about forgetting the expiration of the RU domain. SSL certificates and all other products will be saved in the account registered in the Regery service.

Free Domain Forwarding & Masking

Redirect your domain name in .RU area to your new website for FREE, anyone who opens that domain name in a browser is moved directly to your new website. For example you have old website: my-old-shop.RU and you need to move all your visitors to new domain: my-best-store.RU, that is possible with Regery services.

Free Email Redirection

You can forward e-mails which come to your [email protected] to popular email services like gmail to [email protected] With Regery services it is Free and easy.

Free Transfer Protection for .RU Domain

Transfer protection for .RU domain allows you to prevent accidental or intentional transfer of a domain name, and also prohibits anyone from changing your NS servers. The feature is FREE at Regery Services.

Fast .RU Domain Transfer

Transferring a RU domain to Regery is a fast, automatic, and secure process. You keep all the time in the domain validity period and usually (depends from rules of the domain area) automatically get a renewal to one year at no extra charge. In addition, we can complete the process of transferring your domain. RU for you free of charge.

IDN, Internationalized Domain Names

You can register domain in .INFO, .COM, .ORG, .NET or another popular areas in native languages. Domain search is supported in any language.

Fast DNS Service

All records in the domain RU can be configured in the easy control panel. Create resource records, such as: CNAME, A, TXT, NS and others, forward mail from the virtual [email protected] to the real address [email protected] for FREE.

Convenient Control Panel

Fast and adapted to any device or computer control panel

Quality Support

Regery provides high-quality, round-the-clock customer support all 7 days a week

SSL Certificates

You can also purchase an SSL certificate from a famous SSL certification center like Symantec for a domain. You can also get an SSL certificate from Comodo for free.

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